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OKNO Manufacturing Inc. was founded by Abe Penner in 1981, following his relocation from Belize to Manitoba. Prior to this, Abe had established and operated a small manufacturing plant in Belize, a challenging endeavor due to limited access to raw materials. However, his resourcefulness and ingenuity allowed him to scavenge much of the necessary materials from old cars and farm equipment. Abe's sons, Norm and Marvin, were raised in the business and inherited their father's creative problem-solving skills.

In 1994, Norm and Marvin assumed management of OKNO Manufacturing, freeing Abe to focus on his passion for church ministries. The company has experienced consistent growth and satisfied customers. The business philosophy is straightforward: prioritize customer needs and respond promptly, take pride in workmanship, and honor commitments. OKNO Manufacturing aims to provide reliable and high-quality manufacturing solutions.

OKNO Manufacturing's commitment to customer satisfaction and workmanship has been fundamental to the company's success. The continued growth of the business is a testament to its dedication to meeting the needs of customers while providing reliable and high-quality manufacturing services. The company looks forward to developing strong and lasting business relationships with its customers.

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