Design and Engineering


Good products start with good designs; it’s the foundation of a reliable, accurate and efficient production part or product.

Come meet with the experts at Okno Manufacturing to discuss your next project. We will take your ideas from concepts to computer models and then on to production. Doing the R&D and prototyping to prove a design is imperative. By using our Product Data Management Systems we can accurately track revisions and seamlessly provide our customers the data history as required.

3D CAD Modeling Technology

Okno Manufacturing takes advantage of innovations in 3D modelling software to accurately design parts that fit together with very tight tolerances. 3D models can be used to make 2D prints/PDFs for manufacturing. They can also be used for laser cutting, CNC machining, and CNC forming machines. We are able to do FEA stress simulations to predict how a design will behave under load and stress. This allows us to improve on a design before any physical parts are built which significantly reduces project costs.

FEA and Stress Analysis

Using the latest technology to simulate real-life scenarios, we can greatly reduce prototyping costs by analyzing product behaviour before building the actual product. The benefits of FEA and stress analysis include safety improvements and huge savings on product development.

This end result is the customer will save time and money and get their products to market faster.


Okno Manufacturing has more more than 4 decades of inventing, designing and testing experience to lean on. We thoroughly test any new product that comes our way. Using our integrated technology and machines, we design and test in a virtual setting. Next we build a physical sample to verify that the product(s) works in real life. If necessary, we can make the required changes and build again.

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